Total Testimonials: 13

Curry Connect

Moslek Uddin

We tried to raise our own profile but found it to be a difficult, timely process. We got in touch with Angela and found it was much more efficient and effective. As a result of our work together, we’ve managed to connect with the wider… Read more “Curry Connect”

Moslek Uddin
Founder & CEO
UK Curry Connect

Ripples from the Edge of Life

Roland Chesters

I got in touch with Angela after releasing my book,’ Ripples from the Edge of Life’. Angela helped to gain widespread coverage of my work at both local and national levels. Her extensive network of contacts, along with her ability to follow up on even the smallest lead I have given her, meant that my… Read more “Ripples from the Edge of Life”

Roland Chesters
Luminate Disability Development Consultant

True Value

John Galloway

Angela truly delivers value to companies, regardless of their purse size. We only started using her services in 2013. She is has an eye for detail and gets to the point – a truly creative writer. Through her skill and contacts, Speed of Sight has been covered in print, such as The Times and The… Read more “True Value”

John Galloway

Minky Kitten Cakes

Sarah Jane

If you want your business in the public eye then use Angela Belassie at PR The Write Way. This brilliant lady has managed to get me coverage in every local publication, and some further afield, when my own attempts failed. She has been fantastic value for money too, as long after the initial brief, Angela… Read more “Minky Kitten Cakes”

Sarah-Jane Shepherd

The Twenty Ten Club

Octavia Goredema

Angela Belassie has generated a wealth of media coverage for the Twenty Ten Club. I’d recommend her services to any business owner who is looking to drive awareness of their products and… Read more “The Twenty Ten Club”

Octavia Goredema MBE
award winning coach and founder
Twenty Ten Club


Awele Odeh

My event was included in about 9 difference press publications, including two radio interviews. I have had enquiries from 3-4 people about my event. It gave my business more exposure by being included in the press, including The Voice. I now have these articles, which I can then make reference to when talking about my… Read more “Exposure”

Awele Odeh

The Best of Both

Anthony Wooding

I have come across a lot of PR companies and freelance journalists in my time. Angela Belassie seems to me to represent the best of both in one place. She can not only write good relevant press release material for you but is uncannily successful in working the editorial systems to get it published! So… Read more “The Best of Both”

Anthony Wooding
Kerseys Solicitors

Very Capable

Nicky Maidment

We have created a larger presence in our local and national market place. This has come through online, as well as in print magazines and newspapers. I have found that Angela is easy to talk and will spend the time to get to know me and the business. Apart from being a genuinely nice person,… Read more “Very Capable”

Nicky Maidment
NLP Master Practitioner

Helping with Infertility

Liz Walton

I worked with Angela on an article to tell my story and share my passion to help women and men dealing with infertility. The article went into numerous publications, including the nationals, and I was also interviewed by the BBC. Working with Angela was so easy. She was able to really listen to all that… Read more “Helping with Infertility”

Liz Walton
Fertility Coach

Raised our Profile

Naseem Talukdar

Angela has managed to capture the important messages of our respective organisations and reach their relevant audiences. It has brought greater recognition of our work and that of our volunteers, who are the heart and soul of our charities. As a result of the work we did with Angela, we have seen a significant increase… Read more “Raised our Profile”

Naseem Talukdar
Founder of Feed The Homeless and Plastic Pollution Awareness & Action Projects (PPAAP)

GWS Media

Richard Graves

Our recommendation for Angela Belassie’s work at PR The Write way, posted over a year ago, not only still stands but should be reinforced. We have continued to use her services on a regular basis with excellent results. The benefits of PR are generally intangible but a sustained campaign such as the one which PR… Read more “GWS Media”

Richard Graves (Financial Director)
GWS Media Ltd


I worked with Angela recently, to share my story. The whole process was efficient, effective and smooth. Angela has an eye for a story and was excellent at asking questions sensitively to get all the information she needed. She then drew the disparate threads together, creatively transforming everything into an article which has already appeared… Read more “AboveBeyond”

Fenella Hemus
AboveBeyond Coaching


Stewart and Mark with the MindHarp

Angela was engaged to help kickstart the launch of the MindHarp™. As a start-up with a truly innovative product but limited resources, we needed as much press coverage as we could get. Angela was fully engaged with the brief from the outset and put in a lot of background time and effort. She understood how… Read more “MindHarp”

Stewart Redpath
Lydian MindHarp