For blogs, blurbs and bios.

Starting at £105 a month.

This will provide promotional support – from blogs to blurbs.

  • To be shared in internal communications or on your social media channels.
  • This copy can be re-purposed for email campaigns, newsletters, etc.

This may suit someone who is looking to raise their profile through internal communications and some external channels. It may suit people who are not yet fully comfortable with being in the public eye. It may include applying for awards and being a regular on the speaker’s circuit, but not necessarily featuring in the press.


For targeted press releases

Starting at £560 a month, then at a reduced investment.

This often entails some of the above (bios, award application support), plus:

  • Sourcing stories
  • A media release
  • Target distribution list.
  • Media distribution.
  • Provision of cuttings/links.

This may suit someone who would like to take the next step in raising their profile. Businesses which have received recent accolades or published a book may also find this package beneficial.


For all-round promotional support

  • A monthly press article (with press pack, distribution list, etc., as above)
  • Regular blogs
  • Professional photography
  • General promotional support.

This may suit an established business, looking to set themselves apart from competitors and work on their public image.

It may also include organisations which have had a re-launch/ rebrand and would like to reposition themselves in the market.

  • Consultation to support your publicity work – For people who like to do it themselves or have in-house marketing support, which does not specialise in PR. We will look at processes and techniques to improve the press coverage of your work.
  • Press releases – The production of inspiring press releases, in consultation with you, which can be sent to all publications to help to support marketing activity around the region. 
  • Media distribution – Distributing the press release (and photography), relevant to your target audience.
  • Media Relations – Includes setting up press visits and interviews, along with guidance to help you prepare and make the most of press interactions.
  • Promotional planning with event ideas and management – The newsworthy elements of your business will be sourced with regular catch up meetings.
  • Regular news columns – Sourcing opportunities and providing content for a regular slot with a suitable publication.
  • Blogs/blurbs/bios – The production of content relevant to your industry and audience.
  • Case studies – Writing case studies as a neutral party to show the value of your work.
  • Award application support – Providing objective, relevant content for each application.
  • Newsletters – This is an effective way to keep in touch with past and current customers.
  • Copywriting – The production of crisp, jargon-free copy for all your needs, including website and promotional literature.