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Helping with Infertility

I worked with Angela on an article to tell my story and share my passion to help women and men dealing with infertility.

The article went into numerous publications, including the nationals, and I was also interviewed by the BBC.

Working with Angela was so easy. She was able to really listen to all that I had to say and articulate this so well in to words.

This in turn led to my article being read – and created a wonderful storm of interest. As a result, I had several inquiries, as well as letters of support, and it led to working with new clients.

Over two years after the article was published, a woman from the United States read my story and contacted me. We have since worked together and she has got pregnant.

Angela is able to see and understand what is needed and required in the PR world and has since contacted me to update my story as I moved continents. This is personal understanding and I felt so cared for by her knowledge and understanding my subject.

I cannot recommend Angela enough. If you work with her, she is so professional, caring and takes her work to a whole new level. I am so grateful to have her on my side to tell my story. Angela, a huge THANK YOU!!