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  1. Why did you decide you needed PR?

I felt that the start of the year with the launch of my new collection, ‘Vintage Curl’ and the nomination for the Venus Award was a good backdrop for some PR in my business.

  1. Why did you decide to use Angela at PR The Write Way?

I liked Angela’s relaxed approach and clear focus when I met her at a conference. She fitted my own philosophy to represent my business interests.

  1. What results did you get?

I got fantastic results. Angela was realistic in her expectations. She explained that she would try to get my article published. She had leads but gave no promises. When it got into the first paper, I was thrilled. She explained that she had not finished yet!

  1. How have these results benefited you?

The benefits have been dramatic. To start with Angela suggested I contact a Bridal Boutique that I was trying to build a link with. She coached me on a strategy to angle my way into a meeting. This worked and I now have a solid working relationship with them.

At Wedding fairs I have attended, people have read my story and want to know more. Some of the articles coincided with the public vote in the Semi-finals of the Venus Award in the category of Customer Service. This gave an opportunity for readers to vote for me in the competition. As a result of this, and a wide variety of other activities I carried out, it has brought me to the finals in the Venus Awards.

I have also been invited as a guest speaker to an exclusive Ladies Breakfast Club. Furthermore, I was invited to join the Ladies Breakfast Club to celebrate Women’s International Day.

The traffic to my Facebook page was over 1,000 during the weeks of the press releases. My twitter visitors have speedily increased to 11.1 K this week.

  1. Would you recommend Angela or use her services again?

Yes I would recommend Angela and have done this already.

  1. Anything else you would like to add?

I like Angela’s approach. She asks questions but they are not difficult. She puts one at ease and uses answers in a lovely style with details from other answers. The results are magic. She also checks her interpretation so that true copy is created.