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Hudson Accountants had tried to do their own PR with little success. They then called in PR The Write Way and found they appeared in a range of diverse publications, which has helped increase their company profile.

  1. Why did you decide you needed PR?

We had been involved in work in the community and sponsored a number of good causes. We thought we had a lot to shout about, but didn’t feel we were spreading the word like we should.

  1. Why did you decide to use Angela at PR the Write Way?

We had tried to do it ourselves, but didn’t get any coverage. We then tried a cheap alternative, but that also had virtually no impact.

I had met Angela at networking events and was impressed by what she had to say, but was still wary. We spoke and she seemed to understand our needs and, as a former journalist, knew what the press were after. We decided to carry out a trial period.

  1. What results did you get?

I was suddenly in so many publications that my children got bored of seeing me in the press! They saw the Hudson brand everywhere. There was recognition of our firm outside of the normal business circles.

We recruited a new member of staff, Dave, who had read about us in the press. He said he felt he knew about our company and values.  This helps to show us as an established business. The team are happy to be in the press as well and share our success stories.

  1. How have these results benefited you?

It has definitely increased our business profile.

  1. Would you recommend Angela or use her services again?

Yes, I would highly recommend Angela and we continue to use her services.

  1. Anything else you would like to add?

I just had to talk and Angela would write the story. Then I’d read and sometimes edit. It was a fairly quick and pain-free process.