Kerseys Solicitors

Anthony Wooding, Managing Partner of Kerseys solicitors

1. Why did you decide you needed PR?

We decided we needed to be better known. Our profile had been quite low around three years ago. We had previously focused on traditional marketing, but with PR we found it was more about getting our message across than blanket profile-raising. We knew we had a lot to offer, but we were not always shouting about it from rooftops. PR has provided the opportunity to get our positive message out there.

2. Why did you decide to use Angela at PR The Write Way?

I receive around five to six emails a week from PR and marketing companies. Angela offered a trial period with no ties and worked hard to impress us.

3. What results did you get?

We have definitely been getting in the media a lot more than we used to. Other businesses and clients have noticed. One client said we seem to be everywhere. We had been planning to open an office in Colchester for a while and the raised awareness helped. We have already been getting work from there.

4. How have these results benefited you?

We are sometimes able to trace direct business leads from articles when we ask where people heard of us. We have also seen it drive traffic to our website.

We have got our people in the press and it has helped to raise morale. The team have been inspired to get more involved with the press articles and have the confidence to appear in the media.

Internally, it means there is better understanding of the value of promoting ourselves. We are very much a people and service business and I believe the articles have reflected our values.

Angela gave a talk to some of the team at Kerseys, which was well received, and led to people coming forward with ideas.

PR is not just about getting new clients, but reminding existing clients that you are there and proactive. Our newsletter has also been well received.

We can use links to the articles to enhance our image and community appearance. It also helps us to judge community responses. The PR has also helped inspire other projects, such as creating film.

We are now considering applying for an award for community engagement and can use our press material to show what we have done.

5. Would you recommend Angela or use her services again?

Yes. She comes up with ideas, but is not pushy.